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 For The Award Winning, Inspiring Documentary Film,  What If? The Movie

"I've recommended it to so many friends..."

"This movie brought a lot of joy and inspiration into my life. I've always been fascinated with unique 'paradigm shifting' information and this movie came into my life at the perfect time. Its such a moving and motivating movie on fields of science and spirituality that are so cutting edge. I've recommended it to so many friends and think the world needs to see it!" -Austin Hamer, The Saskatoon Farm, Okotoks, Alberta

"What an amazing film!"

What an amazing film! Its one of those movies when after I watched it I felt so inspired to dig deep within myself and realize who I really am. The core message of love sparked an excitement within me that made me want to really find my true purpose of being here. Highly recommend to all who want to learn more about the laws of this universe and how to work with them to truly live the life that brings us joy and fulfillment.
-Breanna McKay, Massage Therapist, Canada

"A Revolutionary movie..."

My family and I watched our copy of "What If? The Movie" and we thought it was a revolutionary movie. Embodying inspiration, universal truth, knowledge and experience. It was beautiful videography and edited. 
-Alexandria, Ohio, USA

"I loved this movie..."

I loved the movie! It has already made huge changes in my world. (What If? The Movie) is the most powerful and authentic movie I have seen...I loved it and it reminds us all to reach our full potential in mind, body and soul in life. -Lisa, Australia
-Lisa, Melbourne, Australia
How It Works ...
Where Can I Host A Public Screening? 
You can host a public movie screening at your local theater, community hall, at your company, Yoga Center, local Church, organization, or any other community venue. Once you sign the license agreement and get approval, you can charge for tickets, ask for a suggested donation, or make it free–it’s entirely up to you.

What Does It Cost To Host A Public Screening? 
Free!  We made this movie to help uplift the consciousness of humanity, so we make it super easy for you to host, and even profit from your own public movie screening, at no charge to you.  You even have the option to have a Q & A with the Producer/Director, James A Sinclair via Skype, Zoom, or phone for only $200. (Very Popular)

Simple Screening Fees:

Free...(Without Producer/Director Q &A)
$200..(With 45 minute Producer/Director Q & A Via Skype, Zoom, or phone.

What you will get as a bonus to selecting the Producer/Director Q & A:

√ Digital Copy To Host The Screening
√ PDFs of posters and postcards to help you promote the event
√ Promotion of your screening on our website and social media platforms


Wow! The vibration of this movie is so high; the truths, so deep and resounding. The concept of unlimitedness is profound, relevant and very timely. I believe this movie will serve as a "bridge", taking us from limited man to unlimited Master! Good-bye 3D reality...hello (long-awaited) 5th! -Lisa, Alberta, Canada
-Lisa, Author, Los Angeles, California
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